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HDFdh These parrots are all DNA tested . They are all hand fed, hand raised and they can talk nor sing. They love kids and other species of birds to associate with. For more details and pictures, do contact us now via email.you can text or call direct contact a 815 x 277 x 9012 Thanks .
12 weeks old African grey parrot contact us by TEXT for more information by TEXT (872) 701-0865 .
Corky is a Ruby Macaw. He loves to be outside of his cage and have his head and back rubbed. He is able to say "Hi Cork, "Bye", "Bubbles", and " Water". Some of his favorite foods include peanuts, cinnamon raisin bread, and mashed potatoes and corn. Corky loves to dance and take baths in his water bowl. He also loves shaking your hand. He in an affectionate bird who wants all of your attention.
Skipper is a Hybrid Macaw. We do not know his gender. He is a mischievous bird who loves tearing up paper and opening his cage. He also loves swinging on the door of his cage. He takes food from the hand, but needs to be handled more. Needs a loving family.
Vinie is a friendly bird that enjoys playing with her ball. She Likes everyone, but needs more 1 on one time. Her favorite food is sunflower seeds, though she shouldn't have too many because they are a fatty food. Vinie knows how to step up and loves sitting on your shoulder. She can also say "Go Cubs!" She is very social once she knows you. Vinie is not a fan of cats or dogs.
Sun Conures, Unknown Sex, five years old. We don't know the genders of the birds, I apologize that it is stated "male." I am not allowed to leave it blank. Thank you! This pair of conures have been raised together and we prefer not to split them up. They are friendly when out of the cage, and 1 of them does step-up.
Chilly is a Double Yellow-headed Amazon. She is 13yrs old and loves to play with her toys. She also enjoys dancing and swaying to fast, upbeat music.
Meet "Woody", a Blue-fronted Amazon. Woody loves to forage, take showers, listen to oldies music, and watch TELEVISION.
Red is a Senegal. She likes to whistle back and forth. Likes peanuts and sunflower seeds.
Lovely blue Ringneck Parakeet. She is adorable but shy. Little is known about her background or age.
We have several cockatiels for sale. 1 mated pair around 1 year old. 4 babies 4 months old 2 babies 5 month old These bird have been handled with alot of love so it won't be a problem to get them use to you. Cages available at a very discounted price.
I have four cockatiel eggs that were just recently laid. The parents are currently taking care of them until they hatch, and plan on making more. I didn't expect this many to be made so soon, so things are happening faster than I planned on. Each baby would cost $59.99 after being hatched, the price may vary depending on if they continue to grow. I prefer to meet at a halfway point so it would ...
She was found out side. Drinking out of a pond.
Dori is an fully grown female cockatiel, she is very quiet and shy, she loves to hang upside down in her cage. Dori is not hand tamed and much prefers to just relax on her own. She gets stressed easily and will pluck her feathers but it has gotten a lot better with a stable enviornment. She has flown onto people on occasion but it is on her terms and she usually just perches on you, she will no...
Don't have alot of information on buddy he was left here. He comes out and like to flap his wings and is a little shy. Buddy is coming around now. Once u get to know him he is really adorable! Gorgeous bird!
Gigi is a green wing macaw. He came to us from someone who rescue him from a abusive person. And they had to move out of state and couldn't take him with. Gigi has came out of his shell and loves to see whats going on. And wants to follow us all over the shelter! What a sweetie!
Julius and Cleo are fully grown green parakeets. They are male and female and are bonded and must stay together. They are not hand tamed and are a little skittish of new people but once they get comfortable they enjoy conversation. They are used to other birds and would be very happy with more parakeets but are also okay by themselves. Adoption charge $ 30 To adopt Julius and Cleo go to www.fur...
Jack and Janet are 2 young parakeets. They came in with Chrissy as well but they were not as fond of her and she bonded with another parakeet that came in. They are not hand tamed but are bonded and must be adopted together. They love millet and their cuttle bone. They can be quite talkative, especially in the morning. Adoption payment is $30 for the pair To adopt Jack and Janet go to www.furan...
2 male bonded parakeets. They must be adopted together Adoption payment 30 for the pair. Cages are available for sale www.furangelsas.com Kyle and Kevin, Parakeet has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Lilith and sage are a bonded pair of parakeets. They must be adopted together. Adoption payment is 30 for the pair. Cages are available to purchase www.furangelsas.com is where adoption applications can be found Lilith and Sage, Parakeet has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
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