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no leaks, great tank with a ton of extras
Reptiles only. Center brace is broken. Comes with screen top. 55 gallon reptile tank 50 obo
55 gallon tank. Includes stand, decor, filter, and assorted cichlids.
55 gallon aquarium and stand includes everything in photo, also comes with a canister filter. Fish include Oscars and a rhino pleco.
Brand new beamworks LED aquarium light. Still in original packaging and never used. Small cosmetic crack on end cap (shown in pictures) from shipping. Light extends to fit aquariums up to 55 . Please refer to amazon listing for any specification questions.
Dani is a Ball Python. We do not know how old he/she is exactly, or if Dani is a boy or girl. Someone brought her to DuPage Animal Control and reported that they found her as a stray. She is friendly, eats very well, and is healthy. She does have some fading of her pattern which causes us to think she might be a senior. She also is underweight still but she is eating very well and putting on we...
Kismet is a five year old blue tongue stink. She came into the rescue with part of her foot missing and all infected due to poor conditions. She has had her foot removed but still gets around with no issues. She is adorable, easy to hold and a good eater. Adoption payment is 175.00 Adoption applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com
JoJo is a fully grown male leopard gecko. He was brought into the rescue with sever shed stuck in his eyes. He has been treating and doing nice. He does have a slight vision impairment but eats good. His favorite is crickets. Adoption charge is 20. Applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com
Ivy is a female green iguana. She is approx 3-4 yrs old. She was surrendered by a family that was no longer able to care for her as she got bigger. She is friendly but does take some time to get to know you. She eats very well and is healthy. It does appear she lost part of her tail at some point but it has grown back fine. She is a little scared of the dogs and cats but has been housed around ...
Echo is a stunning young male blue iguana. He is about a year and a half old, between 1-2 ft due to him losing his tail when he was a baby. His tail has grown back just fine. He is healthy and a good eater. Echo is not hand tamed and is not friendly, multiple people have tried to tame him and while he will tolerate you once he gets to know you and trust you he does not like being handled and wi...
Navi is a three year old ball python. He is tiny. He might be a miniature or might just be tiny from poor care. He is a good eater and always been friendly. Does take a little time to come out of his ball. Adoption charge is 60.00 Applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com
Gabby is a wonderful 4 yr old female bearded dragon. She likes to eat crickets, roaches, superworms, and mixed salads. She is comfortable being handled and carried around. She likes opportunities to explore her surroundings. Gabby is a healthy, happy lizard looking for a loving home. Adoption payment $75 If interested in her, please fill out the on-line adoption form at www.FurAngelsAS.com/appl...
Skeltor is a 5 yr old male bearded dragon. He came into the rescue with some bad teeth that the owners could not afford to get fixed. Well Fur Angels fixed him right up. He is a lovable boy and friendly. Nice eater! Adoption payment is 60. Applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com
Tequila is a female leopard gecko around 3yrs old. She dropped her tail at some point, but as you can see it has grown back! She is cute and easy to handle. She is active and likes to explore. Loves hunting her bugs! Nice for 1st time reptile owner. Adoption payment is $20 If you are interested in adopting Tequila, please fill out the on-line application at www.FurAngelsAS.com/application
Persephone "Percy" is an almost 3yr old pinstripe ball python. She's small girl. Check out the patterns on her side... looks like a bear/cat, an owl, and a smiley face! She's been easy to handle and eating nice for me. Adoption payment is 60.00 Applications to adopt can be filled out at www.FurAngelsAS.com/application
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