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This watch is in great condition. Bought it a year ago and wore it daily. Perfect for counting steps, recording workouts, and alerting you of any notifications that come to your phone. In my opinion, these notifications are the biggest advantage of Garmin watches over Fitbits. Fitbits only receive a few types of notifications, while this Garmin watch will notify you of EVERY notification that y...
Radar Detector. Sensoro Silver Bullet RX7500 Wireless. Excellent Condition. This is an excellent radar detector that is WIRELESS. Just takes 2 AA Batteries. Hardly used since my car is a monthly show car only. Works absolutely flawlessly, no scratches or anything on it. Lots of settings including sensitivity and a compass, and not big and bulky. This was a $150 Radar. Asking $120
Sullivan Remote Controlled Gas Airplane Starter
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